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XRP: Google Chrome extension. Ripple XRP 3rd-Biggest. THE GREAT WEALTH TRANSFER HODOR BLOG


XRP: Google Chrome extension. Ripple XRP 3rd-Biggest. THE GREAT WEALTH TRANSFER HODOR BLOG

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  1. D Ou

    June 3, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    Cancer = animal products

  2. ToumiX

    June 3, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    hey ckj can you take a look for the first comment in this video about xrp and market cap watch?v=0MISip9fy9k , comment from Hobbit Stomper
    . I really want to know what do you think about it in your next video if possible cheers man and like always KEEP IT UP !!!


    First off, I myself have invested into XRP and I am almost certain that XRP will sooner or later be the #1 cryptocurrency. I work as a programmer and the entire concept of Blockchain is indeed great, no question. Though there are better applications for the use of Blockchain than cryptocurrency, I still like the idea of cryptocurrency (both as an investor and as a fan of the technology).

    Regarding the $589 price prediction of XRP that became famous throughout 2018. The theory basically says that at some stage all cryptocurrencies will fail, and everyone will move to XRP, basically giving all the value of the other coins to XRP.

    Will it then hit $589or $2396? No, no no! Any person with a basic understanding of economy can tell you why XRP will never reach $589 let alone $2396 within just days or weeks, nor will it even reach $100 (probably ever).

    Let me explain:

    All the money on planet earth combined, including all cash (coins and banknotes), all bank accounts and money markets from all the countries and all currencies in the world, is valued at around $91 trillion US dollars (91,600,000,000,000).

    To put that into perspective, all the gold in the world is worth $7.7 trillion.

    The entire global stock market, that means, all public companies world wide, are valued at $73 trillion.

    XRP has currently 40 billion tokens in circulation and a total of 100 billion tokens in supply.

    The remaining 60 billion tokens are held in an Escrow account by the Ripple company, which they own. It’s estimated that in 5 – 10 years, all 100 billion XRP tokens will be in circulation.

    To make the calculation easier, let’s say all 100 billion XRP tokens are in circulation already.

    If XRP hits $100, its market capitalization makes up ~11% of all the money in the world.

    If XRP hits $589, its market capitalization makes up ~65% of all the money in the world.

    If XRP hits $900, its market capitalization it makes up all the money in the world.

    If XRP would go up to $10,000, it would create a market cap for XRP of $1 quadrillion US dollars (1,000,000,000,000,000). That’s 11 more money than there is in the entire world! That is more money than all the global cash, all global minerals (oil, silver, gold, diamonds, platinum, uranium etc.), all global stock markets, all global real estates, the entire world's GDP…. COMBINED! I hope this helps to realize that it can never hit $10,000.

    What about $589? Technically speaking, any asset or company in the world could be valued higher than there is money in the world (or in the case of $589, 65% of the money in the world), because a value of an an asset does not mean that this amount of money is actually invested into that asset.

    For example, if I have 100 bananas, and I sell 1 banana for $1, then I could say that my 99 remaining bananas have a market cap of $99 and all bananas have a market cap of $100. If someone else then buys a 2nd banana from me for $5, I could then say the 98 remaining bananas have a market cap of $490 and all bananas have a market cap of $500. Even though I have only received a total of $6 for 2 bananas, all 100 bananas are valued at $500.

    Amazon is valued at $750 billion, but that does not mean that $750 billion was invested into Amazon by their stockholders. The exact number that is invested is unknown, but it’s always much much less than the market capitalization.

    That’s how it works with market capitalization for stocks and cryptocurrencies.

    For that reason, a market cap can get really high, or even exceed the entire worlds cash. However such crazy values are not sustainable, especially not in a market such as cryptocurrency or stock markets due to the price only being increased by investors, who eventually cash out when they’re happy with the return of investment, and then the assets always end up in major crashes (Tulip mania 17th century, Wall Street crash 1920s, Dotcom bubble 2000s, Financial crisis 2008). They all started and ended with the same issue. An asset received such a high market value within such a short time, and all investors received such a high return on investment, they all cashed out for FIAT currency, creating an instant crash in that market.

    In our case of XRP, if the market has such a high value, such as $589, many investors want to sell their XRP for US dollars (or any other FIAT currency). Especially if a price skyrockets by multiple 1000% within a very short period, the majority of investors will cash out, and if many investors cash out, the price drops rapidly. An asset that slowly receives a value of 1000% across 10-20 years, will not end with lots of investors cashing out at the same time, hence the price will stay stable.

    If only 10% of the investors of XRP want to cash out at a price of $100 per XRP token, that would create a world cash redistribution of 11% (something that is unheard of in human history, not even during depressions and world wars). No bank would have enough money to pay those investors. And what happens if there is not enough money? They won’t be able to sell at such a high price, because no one can buy, so the price starts falling rapidly. This is when the bubble burst, leading in an instant crash of the entire value by up to 99.9%.

    This is economy 101. If a market cap is higher than there is money in the world, and if that value is reached in a very short amount of time, it's a non sustainable market that will crash instantly.

    XRP can go up to $10, $50 over the next 5-10 years and in 20-30 years if the market is stable and is slowly raises, it could go beyond $100. At $1000 it would have the same value as the entire world’s money, which makes it highly unstable.

    While $100 or even $200 is economically possible, it’s still very unlikely.

    This is basic economy, and anyone that says otherwise is very poorly educated about the very basics of the world economy, or creates false information on purpose.

    Please don’t believe this $589 bullshit. It was created by a group of people who invested lots of money into XRP and realized that there won’t be any boom for another few years, so now they want to find a way to artificially increase the price, creating some viral idiotic theory that will lead to FOMO, just so that they then can cash out if it hits $2 – $3.

    Common sense, statistics and economy predicts that cryptocurrency will crash for another while until it recovers. In maybe 2-3 years it could reach $3 – $5, and in 20 – 30 years, it could be at $50 – $100.

    If it does reach $5 within the next year, good for me and everyone else that invested, but it’s not realistic.

    Unfortunately in our society, it’s always the less educated people with low income that end up in those get rich quick schemes, and almost always end up losing their money. As a human being with morals and ethics, I find that very frustrating.

    For that reason, I really do hope this information helps a few people who are not educated about the global economy and keep investing based on unrealistic expectations, and then cash out at a loss when the expectations are not met.

    Thank you for reading.

  3. Alex Morales

    June 3, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    once you make your millions what are your steps to get that money into your bank without having your bank account locked or flagged by the government. There are a lot of people that show taking small amounts of profit on coinbase But no one shows a large amount of money. Can you address this? Thanks for all the good content, looking forward to your answer.

  4. m s

    June 3, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    Wilson club , xrp baby

  5. Michael Rivera

    June 3, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    yeoooooo 1st bitch. ✌✌✌✌✌🎯
    Bushwick Brooklyn

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